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10 Best Chocolate Brands In The World

Chocolate is the most popular food and also use as a gift. In valentine day or another special occasion it will be best gift for special person or friends. Some of chocolates are beneficial for reducing blood pressure and diabetes and control high sugar level. Worldwide people enjoys various types of chocolate brands. Some of chocolate brands are not so well so that we are giving you information about some best chocolate brands for you, kids or another special person.

Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt & Sprungli is the top chocolate manufacturer company in the world. It’s a very gorgeous and best chocolate that makes your taste blooms want more. For your kids or beloved one Lindt & Sprungli is the perfect selection for you. Main ingredient of this chocolate is milk and fruits. Outside layer are kinda warm and inside are cold, smooth and silky.

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Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is an Italian chocolate brand which external design is very beautiful and inside is wafer covered with milk constituents, encased with caramel toppings. Box design of Ferrero Rocher is golden as like yellow wrappers. It gives a quality chocolates in the world.

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Cadbury is another well-known chocolate brand who supply various shapes and designs chocolate with milk, honey, sugar, cream and fruits flavor also. This company comes with the chocolates shape of nuts, flakes, bars and wafers. Delightful wafers covered with hot chocolate layer.

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No need to introduce with Kitkat chocolate because it’s very popular to kids and girls. It’s the most successful company give you some different flavors chocolates such as milk, fruits, caramel and honey. Delight bar layered with chocolates.

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As a sweet chocolate dessert Toblerone is one of the best and delicious chocolate brand. This famous chocolate comes from Switzerland with various flavors such as plain, white, pralines, fruit & honey. This prism shape chocolate consists with almond, cocoa, honey and nougats mixed perfectly.

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Another famous chocolate brand Ghirardelli comes from Italy in 1852 with milk, cocoa and sweet caramel’s delicious taste. Worldwide all kinds of peoples like this chocolates. The attractive shapes, tastes and designs turn into the customers from Ghirardelli.

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Guylain is the perfect chocolate brand which is comes with most delicious taste ever you have take. It can be the best gifts in valentine day, birthday or any type of occasion. Different shapes chocolate consist inside caramel and outside with chocolate layer.

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Have a taste from Galaxy chocolate, I am sure that you will love this smooth and silk chocolate. Galaxy use milk and hot cocoa with fruit and sweet flavors. You gets some different shapes and flavors chocolate from Galaxy with different name.

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Mars is one of the best selling chocolate comes from United Kingdom. Main ingredients of Mars chocolate is honey, caramel, nougat, and almonds make in wafer shapes. It gives the most delicious chocolate more than 100 years.

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Design of Patchi chocolate packet is really beautiful and the main cause of attracting chocolate lovers. Patchi makes with cocoa, milk and hot chocolate combination. It should be one of the best gifts for relatives or another special ones.

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