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4 Examples of Popular Social Media Websites

Social media websites are like a part of our lifestyle nowadays. In this digital era, people loves to communicate through digital communication system and social media comes in handy in this situation. Not just for communication, social media helps grow different kind of business worldwide through advertising system and even a few social media provides option to sell products directly from their website. Let’s have a look at a few most famous social media websites.

1. Facebook

First one is obviously you know, Its Facebook. The largest & most active social media with millions of users. Facebook has lots of features to engage users and keep users on site. Some of the useful features are, Posting status, photo, video, chatting with friends, Creating Business pages, advertising, playing games & a lot more. One more recent exciting feature of facebook is Facebook Live. People can go live at any time and other people can watch.

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2. Twitter

Twitter is another most popular social media website. Basically its a micro blogging site where users can tweet and other users favourite & retweet. Twitter also has millions of users & a very useful one.

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3. Linkedin

Linkedin is basically a social media for professionals. Professionals from any sector can update their profile on Linkedin, people can endorse for skills, Recommend anyone. Companies can have their page on Linkedin, post jobs & find qualified people to hire from linkedin.

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4. Google Plus

Google plus is a social media platform from Google with millions of users, People can create and add peoples to circles. share things with circles & do many other things. Businesses can have pages on Google Plus as well.

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