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5 best facebook application for Android

Facebook is the top ranking social media in the World. It’s more popular for young generation. The connects one’s to another and share their activities in Facebook. More than millions of people are connects with this social media. People shares posts, photos, videos and many other things. Some facebook application for you to connect with your favorite people in anytime anywhere .


Facebook is the best application for Android. It’s a free and open source application which is consists in some smartphones. it’s the official facebook application.  You gets here some facebook’s official suite application such as facebook messenger, facebook group and facebook at work.

Install Facebook on Google Play


Mini is another facebook application for Android. To install Mini for facebook on your Google play, you gets every notifications and updates. You also upload your photos, videos, posts and send messages from here.

Install Mini on Google Play

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a free and Android facebook application. It’s take little space, less data and able to connect in 2G connection of bandwidth. It’s look like a old version of facebook but suitable for chatting, upload images, videos and posts.

Install Facebook Lite for Android on Google Play


Fast is the another oldest facebook apps for Android. It’s a free application but also available with premium version. You gets same features as official facebook has such as likes, comments, tags, shares and another also. It’s performance is really good and fast than other apps.

Install Fast for Android on Google Play


Metal is one of the unique and creative application for using facebook on a Android operating systems based smartphone. It’s a free apps but also has premium version with more features. You have to pay $1.69 to buy premium version of Metal for facebook.

Install Metal for Android on Google Play

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