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5 Best Induction Cooker Brands In The World

Those days are gone when people wait for cooking in a gas stove. In this digital era, technology has been update. Many electronics company makes Induction cooker for cooking without any trouble. I’s use high frequency magnetic field to produce an electric current in the coil. The current flowing in the coil produces resistive heating which cooks the food. We consists here some famous induction cooker brands so that you can find out easily.


Bosch is a induction cooker brands which is gets gold award for induction cooktop. Because of extensive feature set, unique design and large burners it’s get the gold award. It gives you safety features to detection of pan and control locks for preventing injuries. You gets 17 temperature settings to choose from on this induction cooker.

Find Out Best Bosch Induction Cooker

True Induction

True Induction stands the second ranking of our best induction cooker brands. Great features of this cooker are glass ceramic top, energy efficient portable induction, safety function, temperature setting and timer option. It’s function are very simple and easy to use and another things is that it’s cleaning process are very easy. You can cook as you wish in this cooker because you can control cooker heat.

Find Out Best True Induction Cooker


GE provides outstanding cooking performance and a wide range of power that allows you to cooks foods without any trouble. It heats very fast to your food and helps to cook quickly. It boils a quarter pot water in 101 sec. This cooker also easy to clean.

Find Out Best GE Induction Cooker


DUXTOP uses 120 volts of electricity for cooking food so that it’s usable for all types of people. You have to press safety button for 3 sec to activate the safety mode. Another things is that you have to buy aluminium products for cooking in induction cooker. Handling and storage are very easy of DUXTOP induction cooker.

Find Out Best DUXTOP Induction Cooker


Rosewill gives you high quality and well performed induction cooker for cooking foods with a little connection of electricity. You finds power button to control the heat on the cooking time. So you can cook every types of food in peacefully.

Find Out Best Rosewill Induction Cooker

Note : You have to buy aluminium and destine cookware products in cooking on Induction Cooker.


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