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5 Best Maps on Web

Everyday we need to go one place to another place. Some places we know very well where we visited before.  But it’s very difficult to find a place never go. It is really good if you know about the destination where you want to go. For your advantage we have find out some information about best Maps. To use these maps on your device you will able to know your direction, bus route or a shortcut way to reach your destination.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most famous and best mapping nevigation on the web. It is available for iPhone, iPad and android mobile. It is developed by Google. Using Google Maps you will find easily route directions whither you want to travelling with your transportations or on your foot. You can also enjoy grid view, earth view, 2D/3D view, street view, all street and buildings location.

Google Maps will pointing you all the main attractions as like School, College, University, Hospitals, Resturants, Gas Stations, Shopping Malls, Park or visiting place and many more. New feature of Google Maps is that  you can make reservations at participating restaurants. I have use Google Maps to reach my destination it I’m unknown about these place.

Find Location on Google Maps

Bing Maps

Bing Maps is second famous and best  Maps on web to instructions your location. Bing Maps is created by Microsoft Bing Suite.You can use your Microsoft account to save a location or a place you are interested. Birds Eye is unique feature of Bing Maps. It gives aerial views from a number of angles. You will get street map, 3D map and special place pointing.

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Here Maps

Here Maps is also a best maps on web to search your prefer place. It is developed by Nokia. Here Maps is available for iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Here Maps has a great feature to accurate public-transit & indoor maps with traffic details, reviews & ratings of places, private location sharing. Other features is as like as Google Maps and Bing Maps. It’s also have offline support more than 100 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, France, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Spain and many others.

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WikiMapia is famous online map on web. In WikiMapia you also will get directions of a route where you want to travelling. Its aims to create a free, advance and complete map in the world. WikiMapia is run by volunteers that means if some data about your place is incorrect, you may easily change it in a form of a note.

Find Location on WikiMapia


MapQuest is created by an American Based Company AOL. You can look for satellite or traditional map mode, view real-time traffic conditions, driving route or another transports route to reach your destination. It also provides you iPhone, iOS, iPad, Android and windows mobile apps for searching anytime and anywhere.

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