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6 Best Ice-Cream Brands In The World

Ice-cream is the most popular and sweet dessert in worldwide for the kids, girls, boys and all kinds off people. More than hundred varieties of ice-cream brands are gets in the market with different flavors and testes. You finds many ice-cream palors on your city for have a test for best ice-cream. I’m going to introduce with some world famous ice-cream brands you may like to taste of these.

Blue Bell Creameries

Blue Bell Creameries is one of the oldest ice-cream brand from United States which was founded in 1907. You finds most famous delicious flavored ice-cream from Blue Bell Creameries. This Company also provide testy yogurts besides of ice-cream.

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Baskin-Robbins was named by it’s inventor Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. It’s also an oldest ice-cream brand which was founded in 1945. Baskin-Robbins provides you more than 30 flavors of ice-cream. Demand of this ice-cream is so high specially for kids.

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Cold Stone Creamery

You gets more than 31 flavors ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery and every flavor is is delicious and demand is high. Not only provides a quality ice-cream but also more desserts such as smoothies, pies, cookie sandwiches, shakes, ice cream cakes and coffee drinks.

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Nestle is the most oldest and common brand that provides delicious foods for all types of people. Specially this company is popular for baby foods. Headquarter of Nestle company is Switzerland. Nestle gives the best ice-cream for the people who really love this brand ice-cream.

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Ben & Jerry’s

Because of best ice-cream quality Ben & Jerry’s is still leading ice-cream brand in the world. This company don’t use harmful ingredients in their ice-cream which is unhealthy. Demand of this ice-cream on the market is really high. They use some dry fruits on their ice-cream to make more delicious.

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Dippin’ Dots

Although Dippin’ Dots are new on the market but because of ice-cream quality it’s become very popular for the people. This company gives you some different flavors ice-cream that is really high demand on the market.

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