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8 examples of online shopping store

Online store is the place where people buy and sell products to stay inside of house. Nowadays it’s very common in the World . In a online store you can buy many product as you wish and can payment some diffrent system such as  Billing to mobile phones , Cash on delivary , Debit Card ,  Postal money order . Once you order one item , you can get that item in right time.


Amazon is the World famous and large online store . You can get 5000 product to order. Diffrent catagories products are available here . All products are catagorised so you can find your favrite product .

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Flipkart is an online store where you can get original product . You can buy mobile phones, electronics, appliances, lifestyles and fasionable product here with cash on delivary .

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In Walmart Online store you can find various kind of product to live your daily life . There are 5000+ product which you can order with cash on delivary , Debit card in free shipping service.

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Fasion and You

Fashion and You is a popular online store because of it’s latest product . You can get original and fashionable product in this online store .

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Alibaba is an another famous online store where you get various kind of product with international shipping .   You can buy original product in this online store .

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eBay is an American multinational and e-commarce site  where you can buy online many catagorized product . It’s an another largest online shopping store .

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BestBuy is another  international e-commarce online store . With original product it has international shipping service. You can buy various product in this store .

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Target is also an another famous and largest international online shopping store . It also has international shipping service .

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